Causal Discovery

Can you intervene in a process to study causal relations? If the answer is YES, there are well-developed methods such as A/B testing and intervention studies that you can use to study the causal process. However,  if the answer is NO and you already have data pertaining to the process, we can help you with Causal Inference.

Deep Learning

Deep learning uses neural networks to learn or identify patterns in data. It is especially useful when it comes to image recognition, speech, computer vision applications and if you are brave enough, self-driving cars.

AI-inspiration Workshop

Artificial Intelligence is still pretty much uncharted territory. Its full potential is yet to be unleashed. There are new innovative discoveries to be made. Brand new products and services to be created. Whatever you are doing, or what business you are in, we can help you identify and co-create the sustainable competitive edge over the rest.


Ideas for Projects

Planning systems, alerting systems, yield management, customer engagement and satisfaction enhancement, process automation, predictive and condition based maintenance, fraud and intrusion detection, image interpretation, natural language processing, medical analysis and diagnostics, vision guided traffic regulations.

Transparency and Confidence

Machine2Learn relies on a proper understanding of the client's problem before moving on to the next step. We perform a proper requirement analysis to provide a service that satisfies the client's needs.

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