A list of AI applications grouped by the ANSI/ISA-95 functional levels:

Level 1 – Direct Control

M2L® Object Classification allows for automating local tasks in a production line.

It can be integrated with standard PLC platforms, be maintained remotely, and be deployed on edge devices, on premises, or on public clouds.

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Level 2 – Plant Supervisory

M2L® Visual Quality Inspection is the tool to monitor the quality of a production line.

It includes an inhouse developed segmentation algorithm that can be used after training only with one example.

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Level 3 – Production Control

M2L® Anomaly Detection is the tool to manage the quality of a production line.

It learns the normal behaviour of the system without any need for supervision, and identifies the abnormal behaviours. It also identifies the root cause of the anomaly and gives recommendation for what needs to be changed to change the behaviour of the system in to a normal state.

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Level 4 – Production Scheduling

M2L® Resource Management is the tool to manage and optimise the production line with respect to the demand.

Using historical production data and other available sources of information, M2L® Resource Management learns the trends as well as the behaviour of the clients and optimises the production planning.

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We develop customized AI solutions following specific requirements such as high precision, high speed, low power, adaptive, self-learning, and mixture of optimization and machine learning.

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Open Source

With EzeeAI, you can now create deep learning models graphically and intuitively. It is released as an open source software.

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