Machine2Learn, is a young Dutch artificial intelligence company, based in the Zuidas district of Amsterdam. Its international team of experts specialises in machine learning systems and deep learning solutions. With close ties to the Radboud University in Nijmegen and the business community, M2L combines thorough scientific knowledge with a strong business solutions approach to AI. Projects and themes include Dutch language chatbots, traffic regulation systems, predictive maintenance solutions and medical diagnostics.

Tom Heskes, Chairman

Tom has a chair in AI and machine learning at the data science department of Radboud University. He is a world-leader in machine learning and one of the well-cited scientists in Bayesian machine learning, causal discovery, deep learning and data science. He is a co-founder and the Chairman of the board at Machine2Learn.

Ali Bahramisharif, CEO

Ali holds a PhD in machine learning. He is a former assistant professor at the Amsterdam medical hospital (AMC), and a former team lead at Scyfer BV. He is a cofounder and the CEO at Machine2Learn.

Marcel van Gerven, CSO

Marcel is Professor of Artificial Cognitive Systems and head of the AI Department at Radboud University. He is also principal investigator at the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour. Marcel's research focuses on the development of AI techniques and machine learning algorithms that drive the development of the next generation of intelligent machines. Marcel is the CSO and a managing partner at Machine2Learn.

Rob Baak, CCO

Rob is a strategy and business solutions architect with an extensive commercial track record in technology (IT, telecoms, oil and gas, energy and services). He has helped with the development of several companies to achieve quick success in terms of organisation, sales and revenues. In the late 1990’s he and Tom Heskes worked together on the acquisition of artificial intelligence projects. Rob is the CCO and a managing partner at Machine2Learn.

Amir Ghamarian, CTO

Amir holds a PhD in computer science from Eindhoven University of Technology. His former research focuses on formal methods from the University of Twente. He has also held different senior positions in various companies in different industries such as Cordys, ASML and Pega Systems in the last six years. He is a managing partner and the CTO at Machine2Learn.

Wouter Oosterheert, AI Consultant

Wouter is a machine learning engineer at Machine2Learn. He holds an MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience from Radboud University Nijmegen and a BSc in Astrophysics from Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. Before joining Machine2Learn, he has worked as an AI consultant for TNO and was a fellow at McKinsey&Company.

Araceli Cañadas Ruiz, AI Engineer

Araceli is a Machine Learning Engineer at Machine2Learn. She holds double degree in Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering from the Universidad de Jaen. Before joining Machine2Learn, she has worked as software developer for UNED in Jaen. Apart from working as a programmer she is music enthusiast. She plays guitar and accordion since her childhood.

Yoel Sánchez, AI Engineer

Yoel is a Machine Learning Engineer at Machine2Learn. He holds an MSc in Computer Engineering from the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, an MSc in Computer Science (after credit transfer) from Linneuniversitetet, and an MSc in Artificial Intelligence form the University of Amsterdam. Before joining Machine2Learn, he was doing an internship at QUVA Lab (Qualcomm and UvA partnership) for a year, and before moving to Amsterdam he worked as a Software Engineer/EDI consultant at QAD (Barcelona office). Beside his interest in Machine Learning, he is an amateur musician.

Fabio Gori, Data Scientist

Fabio is a Data Scientist at Machine2Learn. He holds an MSc in Mathematics from the University of Pisa, Italy and a PhD in Bioinformatic & Data Science from Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Before joining Machine2Learn, he has worked as a Research Fellow at the Biosciences Department at the University of Exeter, United Kingdom and as biostatistics/bioinformatics scientist in the German precision medicine industry, Molecular Health, BioNTech. In his free time, he likes to do yoga, dancing tango, and enjoy the cultural life of Amsterdam.

Rajat Mani Thomas, AI Expert

Rajat is an assistant professor at the Amsterdam medical hospital (AMC) and is also affiliated with the department of computer science and informatics at the University of Amsterdam. He is a deep learning expert at Machine2Learn. He holds a B.S. in engineering from India, M.Sc in space sciences from Sweden/Germany, and PhD from The Netherlands. He has worked in several countries around the world and his recent research focus is applications of deep learning algorithms for neuroimaging analysis in psychiatry. In his spare time he is an avid traveller, a lover of good cuisine and a cricket player. 

Arianne Meijer, AI Intern

Arianne is an intern at Machine2Learn. She studies for a double Masters degree in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at the Radboud University Nijmegen. Before joining Machine2Learn she had a part-time job at Anchormen. She also interned at SIMON, RadboudUMC and Atos in the past. In her free time, she likes to knit and sew. She is also part of the mediaeval project choir I Bianchi in Nijmegen.

Shakila Shayan, Consultant  Learning & Education

Shakila is an expert in the field of Causality, Learning and Education, and NLP. She has a PhD in Computer Science from Indiana University Bloomington followed by multiple postdoctoral positions on language, education and learning science within Max Planck Institute and Utrecht University. She is part of the Causal Inference team at Machine2Learn.

Agathe Daae-Qvale, Consultant International Sales

Agathe is a Customer Success Consultant and an expert in Process Automation. She has been with small and big consultancy firms such as EY, KPMG, Sopra Steria, and currently with Cognite AS. Agathe is the founder and managing director at TinkerBlue AS. She is part of the sales team at Machine2Learn and helps with developing the international market in Norway.