Machine Learning Adoption

Machine2Learn can assess your readiness for machine learning solution adoptions and assist you in the transition period.

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Tailored Solutions

Machine2Learn is dedicated to develop artificial intelligence solutions tailored to the requirements of clients.

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Management Consulting

Machine2Learn thinks along with clients to see the opportunities to employ machine learning solutions.

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Our mission is to create AI solutions that make a difference.


Know-How and Expertise

With the HQ in Amsterdam, Machine2Learn is your partner in incorporating machine learning solutions within your business.



A human-like chatbot

Congratulations to our intern Arianne Meijer on the publication of her master’s thesis entitled Natural Language Generation (NLG) for Commercial Applications. Arianne designed a deep-learning based generative chatbot and trained it using public data-sets. A Read more…


Cat or Dog

As it was only intended for Christmas vacations of 2018, we stopped the link on 18 January 2019. Let us know if you need it up and running again. Just for the Christmas to have Read more…


Smart Industry Ambassador

Proud to announce that Machine2Learn is officially an ambassador of the Smart Industry and joins forces to make the Netherlands ready for the future. Machine2Learn, is a young Dutch artificial intelligence company, based in the Read more…